July 2017

Dear Customers, Colleagues and Business Partners:

We want to take this opportunity to share with you our rationale, philosophy and objectives in founding American Cyber, as well as to lay out our vision for the company’s future.

Together, after many years of experience in a variety of occupations, businesses and public sector organizations, we decided that it was time to use our life experiences to create an organization of very special people to support the advancement of information technology systems and operations in the Government sector.

Thus, in the midst of historical DoD budget cuts and the start of “sequestration” in 2011, we launched the company under the name of Cyber Solutions & Services, Incorporated (CSSI). In picking the name for the company, it never was our intention, and still is not, to focus on cybersecurity. Rather, our thinking was that the information technology field was becoming more sensitive and focused on information systems and network vulnerabilities to malware, hacking, insider threats, phishing and other exploits, such that eventually information technology organizations would start becoming “cyber” organizations or fall under cyber organizations. We see evidence of that trend already happening when, in 2014, the Army’s Signal Center of Excellence became the Army Cyber Center of Excellence, and in 2016 when the Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) moved from under the Army CIO/G-6 to be under Army Cyber Command.

In 2014, we simplified and rebranded our company name to begin “doing business as” a legal entity named “American Cyber, Inc.”. Many people tend to think that a company with Cyber in the name means that we focus only on cyber security, but again, we were looking forward into the future when most information technology systems will be more generically referred to as cyber systems. Therefore, our mission is to support all aspects of the information systems/operations of today, and the cyber systems/operations of tomorrow.

To that end, in the past six years we have built an award-winning, worldwide organization with coast-to-coast operations in nine states and four continents, providing critical support to national security missions. We look forward to future success with our business partners and employees as we continue to develop American Cyber and its capabilities to serve our customers and our nation’s security.

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